pictures by P.+ F.



inspired by black swan... 

Black swan

I'm so excited for this movie... definitely going to see it....


Outfit update


Just a quick outfit update before I go back to school... I'm wearing: some old mens sweater, h&m tights, schuhmacher socks and a vintage neclace.


Back to School


wearing: Miss Sixty jeans, Zara scarf and jacket, white docs, 5preview shirt, Prada bag

Bad news: school started again...  Good news: I'm almost done!!!!
Two month and I have my written examination. It's weird because I'm not nervous at all... Not yet...
I hope that I will be able to still take a lot of pictures in the next time... Let's see..
Excuse those pictures... ;)  They were just very quick shots this morning. You can still see how tired I was.


Wild Thing


melting snow,  disturbing shouts,  waiting for spring...


Not in Fashion

Finally!!! I had the time to see the exhibition: "Not In Fashion" in the museum of modern art in Frankfurt. And I really loved it! It shows the fashion world of the 90s. 
But if you expect glamour and beauty than better stay away. The shocking and provoking images show the dark side of the fashion world and can be seen as a countermovement to its superficiality, haute couture and the mainstream fashion magazines.
Here fashion can be seen as a way of expression and art. The artists are:
Corinne Day, Anders Edström, Jason Evans, Helmut Lang , Collier Schorr, Nigel Shafran, Wolfgang Tillmans, Juergen Teller, M/M Paris, Inez van Lamsweerde, Vinoodh Matadin, Susan Cianciolo, Maria Cornejo, Martin Margiela, Cris Moor, Kostas Murkudis, Yohji Yamamoto.
My advice: You should really see it!! Below you find a couple of photos from the exhibition...



Good Luck for 2011!!!


Good morning 2011!! I successfully survived 2010... Ah, happy new year and stuff... 
I have quite a few plans for this year.. let's see:

1. STOP PROCRASTINATING (actually this has been my plan for 
    2010 as well but hmmmmm I haven't been very successful I guess...)
2. graduate
3. do a road trip through Germany and Europe (can you believe that I 
    haven't been to Berlin, ever? I'm such a bad  German!! So I have to change this)
4. see the world!!!!!!!
5. read more
6. keep a journal... (not yet sure about this one.. I have tried it a couple 
    of times already but hmm, yeah NO! not successfully so far...)
7. decide what to study
8. PAINT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!