I fell in love with you just because the sky turned from grey into blue

Well this is an old pyjama of my great great grandmother. I just cut it so that it has an appropriate length to wear it :D



i love this song.. i can listen to it over and over again!!


welcome to my own world

I always thought that I am better of alone.
But I am not.
I pretended that I don't mind being left.
But it makes me cry.


Friday night.

Well I guess that's all there is to say about it.


david lynch for louboutin

parking lot ponies

PARKING LOT PONIES from V Magazine on Vimeo.


Fake Eyelashes?? cool but they are not new any more... but fake eyelashes made of paper??
well that's pretty amazing, huh?
well chek it out on vogue.de


last day of spring break

So heute ist der letzte Tag Freizeit :( und Morgen geht dann wieder die Schule los...
In unserer Verkleidungskiste habe ich einen alten Hippie-Rock von Mama gefunden, den
ich dann auch gleich mal gekürzt habe. Perfekt für den Sommer!!

Bye, bye Ibiza, Hello Germany!

Awww I miss the sunshine already... Here a collage I have made :D


in between dreams

I took these pictures a couple of days ago already.. but I completly forgot to post them...
Here a little glance on what my summer will look like. Romantic lace and pastel-colours.


Old is the new young

Trendsetters like Faran Krentcil, Daphne Guinness, Kate Moss, Tavi Gevinson and pop icons like Pink and the American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnus were caught up in the silver rush.
Now, some say, the trend, which trickled down from the runways of Chane and Giles Deacon seems to go mainstream.
At Whittemore House, a vanguard salon in Manhattan’s West Village, models and bohemian types began asking for gray streaks about six months ago.