Tom Ford for H&M???

The latest rumors
 say that Tom Ford 
might carry on Albert
 Elbaz' (Lanvin)
legacy, designing 
the new H&M 
This is according 
to the
FrenchTribune.com article...

Wel, Ford’s clothes have gotten more  couture-like and expensive. I don't think that Tom Ford is snobby or anything like that. So a collaboration with H&M might seem to become reality... What do you think?


YSL, I love you!

Good morning my lovely readers, well, actually it isn't even morning anymore but I think on Sundays monrnings last at least till 2pm.
I wanted to introduce you to my latest purchase. And my new obsession. I bought this amazing bag in a small antique shop in my village. They have great stuff and it is not too expensive. This bag was 39 €. And I guess this is pretty good for an original YSL bag. Besides that I'm not doing to much today except decorating my room for Chrismas. My mom already decorated the house... so I should really show you some pictures- It's fabulous!!!! Actually I should be studying but I'm an expert in procratinating....
Oh and I wanten to Thank you guys for being my readers:
More than 100 already :D !!!!!
Have a lovely 1st Advent...


Amuse yourself

Yesterday I came across this awesome blog by 
Polina Muse.
She is half Russian and half Polish and takes great pictures.
I think you should really have a look at her blog:

By the way... I just love her header!!!


Snow Day!

Perfect!! It is weekend again!! I have waited long enough, since I wrote two exams this week. Next week will be hopefully better, cause I'm only writing bio. But enough of fucking school shit.
IT IS SNOWING outside. And it has been snowing all day. I love it cause now everything is white and it looks so peaceful. It is the perfect night to go to the Christmas market, which opened yesterday. I'm going with my awesome friend Frederike... so stoked. But I'm not quite sure what to wear... but definately a lot!!
Those pictures are from January but I love them and they are perfect for today... The first dress is from Schuhmacher and the second dress I made myself...



Featured in Iyozo.com

I'm part of "world in YOZO" now.
iyozo.com is a Korean fashion website by Sekyu Kim. Their motto is: "Be a girl, be a model". So it is a website for girls, who are interested in fashion. Everyone can be a model: That's their philosophy.
thanks a lot to
Sekyu Kim

By the way this is my profile:



my mom is the best!!

I have been waiting for this day for weeks now... Today was the first day that H&M has been selling the new Lanvin collection. And my fabulous mum went to Frankfurt today to buy a couple of awesome pieces... I immediately took this dress. It is my favourite piece and it makes you look like a princess or a doll. Probably I will wear it on Chrismas or New Years Eve... can't wait!! But besides that I should be studying for my German test tomorrow, which will be about Goethe's Faust.. I kind of love German literature...


Thank You!!!!

I am so sad that the weekend is over again... Another week of school, tests and sleepless nights..
But I'm already looking forward to next friday.
But the actual purpose of this post is : THANK YOU for 50 amazing followers
<3 <3 <3

Turban and Tights

I am wearing H&M tights, old shorts that I cropped years ago, a H&M gunsandroses t-shirt, a ZARA cardigan and a leo-print scarf that I wore as a turban.
Besides that I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday, doing nothing except eating and sleeping... Maybe I am going to bake the first Chritmas cookies later..
Ah, yesterday night was pretty good... I loved the Courbet exhibition. To bad I didn't bring my camera so there aren't any pictures... Well, enjoy your Sunday.


Awesome Saturday

Weekend!!!! I'm so happy... today I just stayed at home and did some school stuff...
But tonight I'm going to Schirn at night to see the Courbet exhibition with my girls. And after that Vodka and Wasser, which is awesome party in ffm... so stoked!


casual thursday

Yeaheee!! It is Thursday... and almost Friday, which means almost weekend. And today is actually the first day in a long time, where I don't have to study, since I wrote my last test this week yesterday...
Today I've just been wearing something casual for school. Just Jeans (Miss Sixty) and a white top. And the most important accessory: of course the hat. It actually belongs to my brother and I secretly took it, so he will probably kill me... But it is so warm and comfortable. Just perfect for a cold day like this... Oh, and by the way, I have formspring now... so if you want to know anything, just ask.


Good Night World!!


I have to admit that I am crazy about Zara. Especially the last collections were amazing. 
I almost love all the pieces and every time when I shop at Zara I find something that I 
must have.
I think the November lookbook is pretty awesome!! I better don't go to Zara in the next
couple of weeks...



Kasia Struss by Hugh Lippe for Naag