Off to Barcelona

I will be in Barcelona for 7 days... so I won't be able to post. But after that I will hopefully have a lot of new pictures...

good morning world

this is what I bought recently... Marie Antoinette inspired mornings


he knew it

model: my brother, photography: by me


Since my math test is over, I have time to post again. I took these pictures in summer but I found them this morning and photoshopped them. I couldn't think of a headline though.


Sunday morning inspiration

I just found these pictures by free people. I really love them. you should check out their blog.


Some like it hot

Well, I must admit that I have this thing for the 40s. Girls were so pretty back then. I love the way they have their hair done, their make-up and how they dressed.
Because I am a little nostalgic about this time I bought this trench coat on Saturday.

So 40s

There are only few symbols of classic elegance as enduring as the trench coat. Movies have played an especially important role in promoting the garment as a symbol of chic to successive generations of style-conscious movie-goers. Whether it is Ingrid Bergman bidding a poignent adieu to Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, Catherine Deneuve clinging to Nino Casternuovo on the train platform in Les parapluies de Cherbourg or Audrey Hepburn falling into the eager arms of George Peppard in the rain-soaked final scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's, the garment has come to symbolize an elegant way to brave both inhospitable weather and tragic twists of fate.